Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby sign language

We taught our first child baby signs and though I was a little skeptical at first, we found it well worth it. We stuck to the basics mostly: more, hot, hurt, milk, please, thank you, all done, bath, book, and a few others. It worked really well and he ended up being an early and very good talker, as well as communicator. So when the twins were old enough, I taught them those few signs as well. Both twins had delays in all areas, including speech, so having baby signs proved even more helpful for them. I really feel, as do others, that it helped them feel more in control and comfortable being able to express their needs before they could get it out with words.

We later discovered that one of the twins has a speech disorder called Apraxia, so knowing some sign language has meant the world to him. We actually all started learning more signs when we discovered this and we noticed a big change in him - he was less frustrated and more social with children and even adults. Even his speech therapist noticed the change.

If you want to teach your child baby signs, or ASL, there are many great resources.

Here are some that I have used and recommend:

  • Baby Signs book by Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn
  • Babies and Sign Language website - signing glossary (with photos)
  • Baby Signs Quick Reference Guide
  • Signing Times DVDs (recommended by our speech therapist and our favorite resource)
Personally, I found teaching signs worked best when my children were about nine months old and starting to self feed. That's when I started with 'more,' 'drink' and 'all done.' We worked up from there.

To anyone that has interest and is wondering if it is worth it, in my opinion and experience it definitely is. Here is a great interview with Rachael Coleman the creator of Signing Times on the Multiples and More Blog.

How about our other moms? Did any of you use sign language with your babies? When did you start? What worked best? What resources were invaluable or helped the most? Any tips? Let us know!

Thinking about teaching your baby sign language and have questions? Ask us!


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