Monday, April 12, 2010

Tips, reminders and infomation on the upcoming CMOTC Sale

Nicole from the CMOTC Sale Team provided this very helpful list for the upcoming sale. Broken into categories (shoppers, sellers and workers), she details useful information and tips on how to best prepare, attend and get the most out of the sale in whatever capacity.


I thought I would post some tips and reminders about the sale since we are getting so close to crunch time! Some of this reiterates what others have said or what’s in the guidelines, but it’s worth repeating!!!


  • Bring a large shopping bag to keep all your items in (keep those hands free to look through piles!)

  • If you are at a table with several other mom’s, find out what everyone is looking for, so you can find things for each other (and maybe make a new friend - that mom across the table will probably have a child(ren) the same age/gender as yours)

  • Don’t hoard! Everything you have in your bag is something someone else does not have the opportunity to buy, so try to limit the amount of “sorting” you have to do before you check out.

  • Leave the coat in the car and make sure you eat something. Bring water, if you have a convenient way to carry it while you shop.

  • Check the items you want to buy to make sure they work; you have all the pieces, matching shoes, etc.

  • I know I sound like a broken record, but Friday night shopping is for MEMBERS ONLY. Do not bring your children (including infants- even if you are carrying them), husbands, mothers, etc, (exceptions noted in the sale guidelines). This rule is STRICTLY enforced.


  • Make sure you have registered for THIS sale. Registration from the fall does not carry over, but all of your inventory will still be in the system.

  • You will have no access to the website on the Friday of the sale. Make sure you have everything entered and printed before then.

  • Don’t forget to sign up to work! (remember it’s 2 two-hour shifts unless you are working set up or tear down)

  • Securely attach your items with safety pins, a tagging gun or clear tape.

  • Print your tags on your printers “draft” or lightest setting. But make sure the barcode lines are clear and not fuzzy. Print on cardstock (or heavy paper, but NOT construction paper) that is either your assigned color, or white with a highlighter mark in your assigned color (suggest highlighting your seller number). Do not use dark blue or green paper or the barcode will not scan.

  • DON’T MAKE COPIES OF TAGS. Each tag has a unique number and can only be used for 1 item.

  • If you think you might mark something down, make 2 tags. Attach one to the item and have the other one with you in case you decide to mark it down.

  • Sort your inventory out by how you will set it out at the sale (e.g Boys 2T in one bin, sorted by pants, PJ’s Tops, Bottoms) to make set-out go quickly.

  • MUST be hung: Dresses, skirts, outfits, maternity, jackets, Sports Licensed Merchandise (OSU, Browns, Etc)

  • MUST be on tables: Jeans, PJ’s, “play” clothes, Onesies, preemie.

  • If it’s not listed as must be hung or folded, it’s up to you. I prefer to hang most of my stuff, because I also prefer to shop that way.

  • We will have additional hangers available at the sale; they will be located near the registers.

  • You can take home extra hangers after the sale from whatever we have left over.

  • Remember to check in as a seller, and leave a large bin with your seller number.

  • Bring helpers with you to put out your stuff so you can get done early and check out what you will go for first when you are let in to shop, then be one of the first in line to be sure you will get it!

  • Don’t forget to check the tagless item table by the registers before you leave on Saturday for any of your items!!! Those are donated if not claimed!!!!


  • Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early, especially if you are working Saturday, as parking and traffic can be a bit crazy.

  • When you arrive, check in at the worker check in desk, get your name tag and apron. Then find your shift leader (who will be wearing a yellow t-shirt). Your shift leader will tell you where to go and what to do.

  • If you need a break, let your shift leader know you are leaving the floor, so they can make sure your areas are covered. There will be snacks and drinks in the lounge for all workers.

  • Try to have as much FUN as possible while you are working! Make new friends! If you hate the job you signed up for, ask your shift leader if you can be re-assigned.

  • Feel free to jump in if you see there is an area that needs more help that you may not have been assigned; just let your shift leader know.

  • If you are working on the sales floor and you see shoppers sorting out their purchases, offer to take the items they don’t want and put them back. This ensures that the merchandise gets back on the floor for someone else to buy!

  • The members (and friends, husbands, etc) that work the sale are what make it really work!!

Thank you Nicole and the entire sales team!

Anyone else have some helpful tips? Please share!


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