Monday, June 21, 2010

Your Baby Can Read Program?

Question from a CMOTC mom:

I am curious if anyone has the Your Baby Can Read program? Is it worth the investment? Do you like it? Does it work?

Advice/experience from CMOTC moms:

At an early age children only learn by repetition. So if you show them a word, they will learn the word, and not the meaning. Without spending the money on their program, you can put together something special for your children. Your best bet is to take photos of items around your house(common items you use, and one syllable) i.e. ball, rattle, mom, grandma. And put together a book on shutterfy, they have all different kinds soft and hardbound. Also look for word flash cards, (DK makes a farm series, transportation etc.). Children learn by you using words and waiting for them to respond or copy, ask questions (red cup or blue cup?), make a game of it, and don't over talk to them, simpler is better. (Mom's going in the other room and she is getting your PJ's for bed, say Mom gets PJ's).


After my first son, I almost bought the package but then realized that to get everything that the info commercials have, it was about $250.00. Now, you can get it at buy buy baby for $100.00 and after a 20% off coupon it ends up being about $80ish. If you spend the money and get the cheaper version, you only get the cards and not all the videos and and everything that the commercials have. You also have to spend about an hour or two daily with videos and flashcards with your kids to get them to understand and comprehend. I have two friends that have purchased this that have not used it and they said it was too time consuming and that their kids didn't like it.

Kids, developmentally, are capable of learning a ton the first 5 years of their lives. As my son started learning new words, I would write them down on index cards and keep them at the table. When he was eating or even when he was playing we would do flashcards, which he enjoyed. We also would start talking about the letters that he saw in each word. Through the use of puzzles and our own homemade flashcards, he knows every letter of the alphabet, all his numbers 1-10 and can read almost every word that he says, including harder words like yogurt, basement, Mickey Mouse, etc....He can read the easy books by Eric Carle that have 1-2 words on each page. He is only 20 months old. So, needless to say, don't waste your money on this program when you can create it yourself for free. I believe that all kids are capable of learning this early in life. we don't push our son to do this and we never make him do the flashcards or anything unless he wants to and it is enjoyable for him. I am also a teacher so that could be the "teacher" in me that believes that every child is capable and that it would be a waste to spend the money. I purchased index cards from Meijer and its been pretty easy and fun to teach him.


We used it and liked it. They like the flash cards the best. Used sets seem to sell for half the price of a new set, if you are interested.


My friend bought it but found out it required many hours of TV for it to "work" - way more than she wanted to put her kid in front of - she ended up selling it and didn't really use it. It's pretty pricey.


We received Your Baby Can read as a Christmas gift - our boys were 14mos old. It has definitely taught them a lot of words etc... but they are no where near reading. So - I would say - buy on E-bay. Our boys really like to watch the videos - but that is almost the only tv they see. You are supposed to watch at least 1 - 2x day -- which can be a lot.


We bought this program for our twins at christmas time. It's worth the investment in my opinion. I'd rather them watch these dvd's than anything. Its great for when I need to do dishes, laundry or clean up. the cards are great too because they travel well!!


I taught my oldest at (2.5 yrs) to read with "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." My twins aren't as "advanced," and are just barely starting at 3.5. But it works, and it teaches phonics (not just memorizing words.) My oldest is now 4 and reading at a second grade level. The book costs about five bucks on Amazon.


Do you have the program? What do you think? Do you use something else, bought or made by you? Please share!


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