Friday, January 7, 2011

Cleaning For A Reason

Many of us, unfortunately, have had a friend or family member (or maybe even ourselves) with cancer. Recently I saw an advertisement for an organization called Cleaning For A Reason. They partner with local cleaning companies to offer free house cleaning for women who are currently under cancer treatments. What a great help this would be in a time when cleaning your house is the last thing on your mind!

This is what they offer:

"We partner with professional residential maid services who are insured and bonded to participate in our foundation. The companies have agreed to take 2 patients at a time and offer four free general cleanings – one a month for four months as a way to give back to their community."

They currently have 817 partners in 50 states and Canada, which includes a few right here in Columbus. Applications are posted on their website starting at 12 noon CST, Monday through Friday, and they do limit it to 50 applications a day.

This sounds like a great organization with a great cause, and one that is worth sharing with all you as a resource, if the need ever presents itself.

For more information, go to the Cleaning For A Reason website.


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