Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kelly's Art Easel - Water Shadow Painting

With it being so hot out, playing with water is always a fun way to cool down, especially if you can connect with art! What child doesn't like water play? What more, it's easy and virtually FREE! ;)

What you need:
  • several different sized containers for water
  • paintbrushes
  • sidewalk chalk
  • sponges
  • water "wear" (clothes that can get wet)
  • a driveway, sidewalk, etc.

My twins are only two years old (later this month) and they LOVE doing this, as do their their friends (also pictured) who just turned one year old a few months ago. But this isn't just for little ones, I have done this with with children as old as six or seven years old who loved it as well.

What to do:

  • Set out the containers (different sizes are great because they'll experiment more), then dip the brushes into the water and "paint" the pavement.

  • Try painting your shadows with water and watch how long they last.

  • Let them "stamp" their hand prints, foot prints, etc. by dipping it into the water and pressing it on dry pavement.

  • Cut up sponges into different shapes to stamp (or if you have bath sponges already in shapes, those are great too). Our favorites are fish.

  • Younger kids will love to dump the water containers and then move the water around into different shapes with paintbrushes once it spreads onto the pavement.

  • You can then add color with sidewalk chalk.

If you have any suggestions or requests for future Kelly's Art Easel columns, please comment below or email ( As well, if you have any art questions for yourself or your little ones, let me know!

Have fun cooling down and being creative with water!


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