Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weelicious: a kid friendly healthy recipe/food idea resource

Weelicious is a really great website for kid friendly healthy recipes. This mom of two and culinary school graduate, Catherine McCord, has packed this site full of tons of baby, toddler and really kid of any age (including us!) recipes and ideas. You can search the site in multiple ways to find specific recipes, whether it be a meal type, food group or gluten free. If you subscribe to the site, you will get an email when new recipes are posted - which is great!

In addition to the almost daily recipes, she also creates "programs" which are basically videos of a "how to" for different recipes. Catherine also came out with a great program recently which is called "School Lunch" in which she highlights many tips, tricks and ideas to get you thinking "outside" the box. For those of us that have problems thinking of new things to pack, that our kids would actually eat, this program is great!

On the Weelicious facebook page, there are also photos of creative, fun and healthy lunches (many that you wouldn't think to do). If you are a fan ("like" the page), you will get these and links to the recipes (if appropriate). Another great feature of the facebook page is that "fans" post questions often and Catherine, as well as others, answer them quickly. Fans also often post their favorite recipes (all of which can be found on the Weelicious website) too, which is great for ideas.
Lunch box photo: Pita, Sunflower Butter*, Weelicious Strawberr-Wee Preserves & Banana, Kale Chips, Papaya, Strawberries, cheddar cheese cubes & crackers. (BTW, kale chips are surprisingly good!) *great substitute if your child's school is nut free.

How about you? Do you subscribe to this site already and have a favorite recipe(s)? Or do you know of other great kid friendly healthy recipe/resource websites? Please share!


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