Sunday, October 3, 2010

CEDAR POINT Trips and Tips

Despite the weather today, it's not too late to hit up Cedar Point!  Their HalloWeekends are a blast and quite child friendly during the day.  Below are some tips from fellow multiple moms.  Most are aimed at Summer trips but don't forget CP is open for a few more weekends of chilly fun!

Hi. CP is huge...I mean really big (maybe twice the size of KI) so it is hard to do everything in 1 day. We have been to Soak City and it is very fun...lots to do the boys will be entertained there all day (or as long as you are there). There is a 0 entry at the splash pad (big bucket) and also another area where there is sand for the kids to play with (may be good for Claire). The park has 2 kids area...1 in front part of park, other is back of park - the boys will enjoy more rides in the back of the park (you can also park around back and go in back entrance - it is same parking lot as water park.
We have stayed at Cedar Point hotel - Castaway Bay - and it is very nice...has a restaurant inside and also a nice indoor water park (very, very fun). And it is part of your stay to go to the water park. They have 1-2 restaurants on site that are good (normal) but very nice and convenient and the hotel room was really nice. I think they have transportation to the park...but not sure. We didnt use it when we were there. The hotel I am referring to is not beside the park, but on other side of causeway....
You will have lots of fun!!! The kids love it there. They also do a great job during Halloween and it is fun for the kids (and a little cooler) we do that every year.
We have 10yr. old twins and a 6yr. old. And have been going to cedar point for years.  Not sure how much time you want to spend…we always go up on Friday and  go to the park Friday evening.  We spend the night and go to the park first thing in the am(and spend all day) on Saturday also.  Cedar point has great package deals too.  The cabins at lighthouse point are very nice with a separate bedroom and a loft area that the kids think is a great adventure area for sleeping.  They have a shuttle also to take all the exhausted people from the park to the campground/lighthouse point area.  We have never done soak city as we always go for the “halloweekends”  it is usually a little cooler and a little less crowded.  Young ones will have a great time too as they have great areas devoted to the very little ones as well.

We LOVE Cedar Point. It's great for kids. Have not tried Soak City yet - it's an additional expense and there is always so much to do in the amusement park. Last summer we stayed at the Hotel Breakers - so overpriced for what it is ... a very small, dated hotel room - but you can't beat the location! We got twilight passes included with our stay, not sure if they still have that promotion. It's got a great beach and indoor/outdoor swimming pools. Nice little weekend getaway for us.
Height makes a big difference as 48" is the magic number. Given their age, I think you will spend most of your time in Kiddie Kingdom, Camp Snoopy and Planet Snoopy. Family rides include paddle boat, sky box, train (can do entire loop, or get off halfway around - w/ strollers being left at the depot we usually go all the way around).
Even if your twins aren't used to being in a stroller or wagon, I highly recommend renting them. I know for a double + single it's only $26 for the day. Stroller rental is just inside the gates to the far right side. It's a lot of walking and even though there's a nice breeze from the water it can still be really hot on the blacktop. Hopefully your little one can manage a nap in the stroller or wagon - you'll see kids crashed out all over the place! Also - the beauty of staying at Hotel Breakers would be to walk back to your room for a real nap.
If you enjoy roller coasters, esp. if your boys are 46 or 48 inches +, get a Parent Swap pass at the park operations office in Kiddie Kingdom. This means that only 1 parent needs to stand in long lines, then the other parent can go through the exit and get right on w/o waiting after the first parent rides. This is particularly handy when going w/ other families, we don't use it much when it's just us. I can handle the kids by myself while my husband rides some of the crazy ones!
Several times in my life, including when our trio was 2 years old (free), I've had a season pass to Cedar Point. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do - feel free to ask any other questions or specifics - I'm happy to help!


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