Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kelly's Art Easel - Egg Carton Creepy Eyes (and pinecone spider)

This is a fun Halloween inspired project for many different age groups. I actually completed my project with my 2 year old twins and a friend’s 3 year-old.


Egg Carton Creepy Eyes:

  • Egg Carton (cardboard works best, as some paint may crack off the Styrofoam, but either will work)
  • Assorted pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic (or similar) project paint
  • Paint shirts/smocksFeathers, paper, or anything else to add to your “eyes”

I cut the egg carton to form 6 pairs of “eyes"

Next, I cut holes for the “eyes” so the kids could look through them like goggles.

Then, I set the kids loose with some paint and paint brushes. (I love using old plates to hold the paint.

They painted their “eyes”. For the age group I did it with (2 and 3 year olds), it works best if you help hold the "eyes" while they paint. But the older the child, the more they can do and the more intricate and creative they can be.

Jack made zombie eyes, I made cat eyes, and my friend Lauren made Egyptian eyes.

There are tons of possibilities as each carton makes 6, make a few pairs!

Pine Cone Spiders:

We had a bunch of left over pipe cleaners from the “creepy eyes” project, and we have lots of pine cones in our yard, so we also made this very easy and very clean project!

All you need for each spider is four pipe cleaners and a pine cone.

We wrapped a pipe cleaner around the middle of the pine cone, twisted it to hold it in place and then bent the ends to create a pair of “legs”. We then repeated that three more times to form all eight legs.

I used them to make a centerpiece, but they’d also make a great mobile or even hanging from a tree!

Happy Halloween!

If you have any suggestions or requests for future Kelly's Art Easel columns, please comment below or email (columbusmultiples@gmail.com). As well, if you have any art questions for yourself or your little ones, let me know!



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