Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spotlighting our Super Duo Winners!

In September we were lucky enough to have two capes and two masks graciously donated from Baby Pop Designs for a giveaway on our blog. The lucky winner of this great giveaway was Sara W. Here are some photos of her fearless super duo in action. As Sara said, the photos are of them in motion... it's hard to stop the heroes who are fighting hard to save the house after all.

Super Bennett and Super Kendyll give Baby Pop Designs two thumbs up on their new super hero attire (I believe Sara's exact words were "they freaken LOVE the capes and masks"... enough said).

Looks like our work here is done. Another successful blog giveaway resulted in happiness. Look for more happiness to be shared soon, with another blog giveaway.

Thank you again to Sherry at Baby Pop Designs for the great giveaway!

By the way, if you want to order your super duo (or single or trio or more) a cape and mask set (or princess or prince set), you still have time. Orders placed before December 10th will be received before Christmas. Go to Baby Pop Designs to check out their fun product guaranteed to bring joy to any child.

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