Monday, December 6, 2010

Teacher Gifts: Great ideas given by the expert - a teacher!

What to get your children's teacher(s) for the holidays... that's a question on many of our minds right now. CMOTC mom Carrie H., who is a teacher, offers us some insight into the perfect gifts (and also ones to avoid). Thank you Carrie for sharing your teacher's perspective on this topic!


At Christmas, there are so many people on our list that we want or need to buy a gift for. Often times, one of those people is our child's teacher, or in some cases there's more than one teacher. When buying for your child's teacher, my best piece of advice is to do it thoughtfully. Thoughtful doesn't mean the same as expensive. One thing I keep in mind is that this person spends more time with my children during the weekdays than I do, and I want him or her to feel appreciated and loved through our gifts, not like it was an obligation to buy for him or her.

Here is a list of gifts I recommend for teachers:
  1. Gift cards - Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, local restaurants. Even a $5 gift card to Starbucks or Caribou to pick up a drink before school can be an appreciated treat.

  2. Movie tickets -I received these a few years ago from a student, and I was SO thankful! It was exciting to use them on a "date" night for my husband and myself.

  3. Books donated to my classroom

  4. A gift that supported my hobby-in my case, this was scrapbooking supplies. What hobby does your child's teacher have? Ask your kids-chances are they have a good idea :)

  5. School spirit items-PTOs or other school organizations often sell "spirit" wear around this time of year. Since schools often have "casual" Fridays or other special "dress down days", teachers may appreciate something that shows his/her school spirit.

  6. A gift that supported a collection-in my case, nativities. My students knew that I collected nativities, and I thought it was sweet when they remembered that small detail about me and supported it.

  7. Dry erase markers, colored grading pens, etc.-by this time in the year, those things are starting to wear out, and it's nice to have new ones to start in January. Or even, gift cards to Office Max, United Art and Education, Lakeshore Learning, Meijer, etc. for school supplies. (sometimes teachers get allowances from the school for supplies, but most have to use their own money or just go without.)

  8. Personalized stationery

  9. Nice jar candles from Yankee or B&BW

  10. Unique food gifts-Tastefully Simple and other companies like that have some yummy, practical foods that are a great alternative to the typical sweet food a lot of teachers get.
Here are a few ideas to shy away from or rethink before you give them:
  1. Cookies, candy, other sweet treats.

  2. Ornaments

  3. Christmas figurines and decorations

  4. Coffee mugs

  5. Teacher knickknacks
All in all, showing your teacher that you appreciate them as an individual and recognize their life outside of the classroom is important. After all, teachers are people, too. I would encourage you to remember how important their job is, and show them in an appreciative way.

Happy holidays.

~ Carrie

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  1. Some schools use Scripp gift cards. This is a great way to support your school AND your teacher at the same time. Schools can get up to 20% or more of the value of the card donated back so check to see if this a possibility. As a teacher I loved gift cards for things that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself.


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