Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sale Time - advice from a veteran

It's that time again! It's a favorite for many CMOTC moms! I myself am a minimalist so I'm especially fond of the CMOTC Twin Sale. It pleases me to no end! I get to purge my house of all the unneeded toys, books and clothes. That is...if my kids to don't to my piles first. I'm sure you know how that goes.

If this is your first sale, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed. I would suggest spending a year or two attending the sale before you start selling. Once you add the selling element the sale gets really crazy.

Assuming you are only planning to buy for your first sale, here are a few suggestions.

Preparation: Go through your kids' closets and determine what they will be needing for the coming season. Jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, dress pants, dress shirts, dresses, jammies, shoes etc. Next, list the items and how many of each of the items your children will be needing. Finally, prioritize what you need the most and where you need to go when you get into the sale.

For those of you who need big items such as strollers, high chairs, car seats, cribs, pack n plays etc, you want to head toward that stuff ASAP! The good stuff goes fast. Bikes, doll houses, and art kiosks would fall in this category as well.

I always grab my big items (my MUST HAVES) first, run through the line, pay and transport them to the car (utilizing one of the many volunteer husbands working security). I then return to the sale and dig into the clothes, toys or whatever is next on my list. Bring cash or lots of checks as you will probably need more than one. I usually use 2-3 per sale.

Also, BRING BAGS or a cart to stack clothes on. You will be surprised how much you can acquire. This sale is probably the BEST way to clothe your kids on a very frugal budget. Don't forget Christmas presents too. You will find many toys that are new and still in boxes!

Feel free to comment on this one. Advice as well as questions are welcome.


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