Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When twins need "intervention" developmentally.

It's so hard to know when your twins need help developmentally. Many multiples are born prematurely and that can be a risk factor for many things such as developmental delays. Some parents might have been linked up with a Help Me Grow coordinator straight out of the NICU. Others, whose children might not have been preemies, may still notice their children seem delayed. What should you do?

The state of Ohio has an excellent resource in the Help Me Grow system. Help Me Grow is a stepping stone which allows you to get your (under 3 year old) child evaluated for a variety of services, all paid for by taxpayer monies. Depending on the level of service needed, you might be linked with your local Board of developmental disabilities. (Franklin or Delaware County) Your child can receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and a variety of other therapies and services. They can attend group classes, receive respite, order equipment for their home, and attend preschool/classroom type settings.

As a parent with twins who have developmental delays and sensory processing disorder, I know it can be hard to admit when you think your child needs help. Go with your gut! You are your child's best advocate and YOU know when something is not right! There's no harm in having your child or children assessed. The earlier the intervention, the better the end result!

If your child is over the age of 3, contact your local school district to ask for a MFE. (Multifactored Evaluation) If your child is already in a county-based system such as help me grow, you will be led through this process approximately 120-90 days before your child(ren) turn 3.

In addition, children nationwide are allowed one free vision exam prior to their first birthday under the InfantSee program. This eye exam is free, and is not billed to your insurance.

I plan to write future posts about my specific path towards getting my children diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and developmental delays, but wanted to write this first post to help provide information about the basic, paid programs available to parents, and MoMs!



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