Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adoption Information

From our members, below are adoption recommendations and resources if you are looking to adopt.

Member (or friends and family of members) adoption recommendations based on successful and great experiences:

  • Adoption Circle. Their website www.adoptioncircle.org is full of great information. Friend highly recommends this agency based on a fabulous experience adopting through them.
  • Private adoption through an attorney if adopting in the US. Here in Columbus, the attorney who probably handles most of the adoptions is Tom Taneff. He can be reached at 241-2181.
  • Adoption Link out of Yellow Springs. Their website is http://www.adoption-link.org/. Tom Taneff represented the birth mother (ours has since moved). He was very professional in all our dealings and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
  • Foster Care adoptions - adoptuskids.org
Adoption Resources:
  • New book out there for information, the author is Isolde Motley and the book is "You can Adopt: an adoptive families guide". She had a lot of good points to consider:
    - What age you want to adopt.
    - Consider domestic vs international (which she says does take longer).
    - She noted that once paperwork is done an adoption may take up to a year to be complete.
  • Magazine/website called adoptivefamilies.com.
  • Adoption Academy held by Children’s Hospital and the National Center for Adoption Law and Policy has a lot of wonderful sessions and information to take the mystery out of adoption. The sessions include comprehensive overviews on adoptions as well as sessions detailing domestic and international adoptions. The infertility support group Resolve also has lots of members who could probably help with current information.
  • For CMOTC members - check the Twin Resources on the CMOTC website for member resource names, phone number and email addresses who have adopted.


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