Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ideas For Winter Fun with More to Come

As we all do when we find something great, I wanted to share the following information. It was recommended to us to get one of our girls into a special needs swimming class at Aquatic Adventures to assist with her Autism issues.

I can not tell you how wonderful it is! After 20 or so minutes in the pool our critter has more eye contact and is more verbal than she is out of the water. The instructor with our girl is wonderful -she gets excited to see him which is rare for her. The staff is amazing, the area immaculate, and we find it worth every penny for the benefit our girl is getting. Come to find out they do everything there from lane swimming, diver certification, Scouting Merit Badge Certifications, (and are certified to do so), aquatic exercise classes, and really affordable, fun birthday parties. I am sure there is so much more, but those are the things I have seen first hand. I am not affiliated with them at all on a business level and know of them only because of the class we are taking, I just wanted to pass on information that could be useful to others out there.

Their information is; Aquatic Adventures Ohio 3940 Lyman Dr Hilliard, OH 43026 (614) 545-3483

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