Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Katie's Nutrition Nook: Healthy Brain Food Breakfasts for Kids (and Moms)

With school back in session, it is important to provide your children with healthy foods in order to have the energy and focus to learn. Mornings can get crunched and often nutrition is sacrificed. You need quick things to eat, but unfortunately, many of us do this at the cost of nutrition. Pop tarts, muffins and most cereal bars are loaded with sugar and minimal nutritional value. Sure, they’re quick and portable, but a breakfast of pure sugar does not supply sufficient fuel.

Many of you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree that it is. However, putting nothing but sugar (and maybe a little fiber or whole grains to fool you into thinking you’re eating healthy) in our own or our children’s bodies is not doing any good. A meal consisting of protein (found in meats, beans, nuts, dairy products and eggs) and carbohydrates (found in fruits, starchy vegetables, grains and milk), but also low in sugar and high in fiber will help to start the day off right and keep you going.

Here are some examples of healthy, balanced breakfasts, ideal for the entire family!
  • Cheerios with low-fat milk
  • Plain yogurt with fruit and low-sugar granola
  • Whole grain toast OR English muffin with peanut butter
  • Oatmeal with almonds and/or milk*
  • Egg/Egg whites in a whole wheat tortilla
  • Fruit** smoothie with yogurt and fresh fruit

* Whole milk should be used from the time the child is 1-2 years old and then switch to !% fat or fat-free skim milk at 2 years of age.

** Most of us do not get enough fruit, so offering fruit or fruit juice at breakfast is a great idea! If you offer juice, make sure it is 100% fruit juice (i.e. juicy juice) and limit to 4 oz/day.

What are your favorite brain food breakfasts? Please share your family's favorite quick and healthy breakfasts that keep your body and mind going!

Feel free to comment below or contact me at with any questions you might have. Whether the questions are about weight loss, specific plans for you, general nutrition needs for you and/or your children, or whatever, I am here to help you!

As well, if you have suggestions for topics you would like me to discuss in Katie's Nutrition Nook, please let me know.

- Katie

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  1. Thanks Katie!! My kids also love these yummy things:

    - whole grain waffle with peanut butter and banana slices on it, made into a sandwich

    - whole grain cereal (shredded wheat, cheerios, etc) with almonds and dried fruit

    - banana roll up - spread peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla, add a whole banana (may need to cut in half to get it more straight) and then roll. Eat like that or cut into discs.


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