Thursday, March 11, 2010

Libraries - A great place for free programs and activities!

Libraries are great learning places for children of all ages. Creating the love of reading, that excitement and thrill of getting new books to look at and read, is undeniably priceless to children. Teaching children how to look for books on the computer catalogs and in the aisles, is exciting even for us. As is their first library card!

However, the library is so much more than a place to just get books, movies and CDs. The other absolutely wonderful thing about libraries are all the fun programs they offer children of all ages. Better yet, these program are FREE!

Here is just a sampling of some of the programs you will find at your local library, both during the day/evening and weekdays/weekends:
  • Storytimes for children six months to six years old, that incorporate age appropriate stories, songs, finger play and dancing. Some libraries even have pajama storytime at night and potty training themed storytimes!

  • Music programs that feature songs, finger plays and dancing for children ages two to five.

  • Ready to read programs for children five and under that feature easy, interactive crafts that are based on the six early literacy skills and will actually help your child get ready to read.

  • Reading program with a yoga twist for children three to eight that incorporate games, singing, listening and acting out of stories using different modified yoga poses.

  • Career exploring programs for grades kindergarten through third grade where they explore popular careers through stories, songs and activities.

  • Adventure reading groups for children in kindergarten through third grade where they learn about the nature through stories, songs and activities.

  • Puppet shows put on by the library staff for all ages.

  • Family movie nights where you can bring your blankets, pillows and snacks to enjoy a movie on a big screen.

  • Hand's on science programs for children ages six to eleven where they get to explore and experiment.

  • Tween theatre programs where they work on sketches to perform at different library events.

  • Tween writing and illustrating programs where they learn about writing contests, where to get published and also just be inspired.

  • Writing programs for teens where they can share their love of stories (reading them, writing them and/or illustrating them), get some tips and make new friends. Some libraries have writing contests for short stories and poetry, as well as open mic nights where they can share their works.

  • There are even programs for tweens and their Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh decks and Battle Brawlers. They all meet to play games and have fun.
These are just some of the free programs your local libraries offer children of all ages. There are also a whole host of great programs for adults too! Log onto your library's website and search the events calendar to see what cool programs are offered.

So, when you are looking for fun activities to do with your kids that don't cost a penny, always remember the great offerings your local library has to offer.

What library programs have you taken your children to that they have loved? Which programs do you recommend? Share your library program experiences and advice!

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  1. My two and a half year old twin boys love our library's Move with Music program and also the Storytime Twos. They are very excited each day that they have both of these programs. It's great fun and also is some great social interaction for them.


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