Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sock Bunny Easter Craft

I have seen this super cute Easter craft many times over the years, but had never tried it. So, when I saw it as the featured craft on the Multiples and More blog yesterday, I knew it was time to try.

Using the instructions from Missy, shown on the Multiples and More blog, here is how we made ours.

You will need:

  • Children socks (we used a baby sock and an adult sock)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pom-poms
  • Googly eyes, felt, foam paper or Sharpie
  • Rice or Beans
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber bands
  • Funnel
  1. Using a funnel inserted in the opening of the sock, fill it with rice or beans. Fill it up just past the heel. We didn't have a funnel, so I had them hold the sock open and I used a measuring cup with spout to pour it in. We used beans for the baby sock and rice for the adult sock - rice seemed to work better.
  2. Place a rubber band where the rice ends. (Make sure your rubber band is tied tight.)
  3. Tie a ribbon just below the heel. This creates the head and body.
  4. Cut the cuff of the sock, above the rubber band, in half and then cut angles on each half to form two bunny ears (you can adjust the lengths if you want as well). The boys decided they wanted short ears with some frills on the ends for the baby bunny and the mommy would be a lop bunny.
  5. To make eyes, you can cut foam or felt, or you can use googly eyes or a Sharpie marker. We used foam for one and googly eyes for another.
  6. Cut your foam paper or felt to make a nose and teeth, then attach with glue (unless you have sticky backed foam).
  7. Lastly, attach a pom-pom with glue for its tail. Allow to dry. We only had had neon multi-colored and green ones, a little crazy, but they worked and the boys loved them.

Note: Since these are filled with dry rice or beans, which can be a choking hazard, they should be used as decoration only, not as toys.

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What fun Easter crafts do you have? Please share below in the comments or email them to us!

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