Thursday, July 22, 2010

Katie's Nutrition Nook - Healthy kid (and mom) snacks on the go

It’s summer and we’re all on the go. Wait, who am I kidding? With kids, we’re always on the go. But right now, you’re probably jolting between swim practice and tee ball games to play dates and who knows what else …

Life on the run doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good nutrition. Both you and your kids can still eat healthy with just a little planning. Planning? Who has time for planning, you say? Just a few minutes out of your night tonight will save you time and energy dealing with hungry, grumpy kids tomorrow. Keeping them (and you) fueled between stops is key to staying sane during this crazy time.

Below is a list of healthy snack ideas followed by suggestions of those to limit. It’s best to take along a small cooler to keep foods fresh and free of harmful bacteria. Remember that moderation is key and that children will often eat healthy if parents offer them the healthier foods and model good eating behavior.
  • Raw veggies and low-fat ranch dip or hummus
  • String cheese

  • Cheese cubes (remember with cheese to choose 2% or light cheeses-cheese can be high in saturated fat-the bad kind that clogs your arteries-so make sure to limit the amount) and whole grain crackers

  • 100% Fruit Juice boxes (i.e. Juicy Juice)

  • Apple or Banana with Peanut Butter

  • Dried Fruit or Fresh fruit

  • Trail Mix-whole grain cereal, dried fruit, nuts

  • Low-fat popcorn

  • Yogurt (try to avoid the ones with all the added sugar)

  • Turkey rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla

  • Peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread


  • Fruit juices, cocktails or other drinks with added sugar (Hi-C, Gatorade, Capri-suns)

  • Fruit gushers or other gummy sugary foods

  • Chips, cookies and other processed foods

What healthy snacks do you and your children enjoy when on the go? Please share!

Feel free to comment below or contact me at with any questions you might have. Whether the questions are about weight loss, specific plans for you, general nutrition needs for you and/or your children, or whatever, I am here to help you!

As well, if you have suggestions for topics you would like me to discuss in Katie's Nutrition Nook, please let me know.

- Katie

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  1. My kids love trail mix type snacks, one of their favorites is plain popcorn, dried apricots and almonds. They also love banana roll ups - spread peanut butter all over a whole wheat/grain soft tortilla, lay a peeled whole banana on it and roll it up. Sometimes we add a little honey as well. You can slice it into circles or, if they are able, they can eat it whole.

    Thank you Katie! These are great ideas!


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