Thursday, July 15, 2010

Macaroni Kid: a great resource for local activities

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a great resource called Macaroni Kid. My neighbor actually tipped me off to this resource by forwarding the weekly email she got when she signed up to get their newsletter, which was packed full of fun things to do in our area.

From their website, they describe the site as "Macaroni Kid and its family of Publisher Moms are dedicated to delivering the scoop on all the family-friendly events and activities happening in their communities each week."

For our area, it appears they have NE Columbus (which includes the NE section of the city from Polaris/Sunbury all the way over to Reynoldsburg/Pataskala), North West Columbus (Worthington all the way over to Hilliard) and South Columbus covered. I have received two of these newsletter emails so far and love them. You will find everything from fun and free library and metro park programs, to kids eat free nights at local restaurants or free movie days at local theaters, to local festivals, to new exhibits at local attractions (like Franklin Conservatory, COSI, etc), to local festivities, and much, much more. It includes things for all ages from small children to teens, as well as child based to family fun activities/events/programs. All gathered and emailed right to you (if you subscribe to the email), how convenient and easy is that?! Or you can opt to check the website every week, rather than get the email if you prefer.

The other great feature is "My Macaroni." As you see events/activities that you like in the list, you can add them to "My Macaroni." Once you are done picking the things you want to do that week, you can click on "My Macaroni" throughout the week as needed for planning. Or you can create a pdf of that list and print it for your reference. It's great!

You can view your local events and activities on their website (what you see there is essentially what you will get every week in the newsletter as well). Here are the local Macaroni Kid sites:

There are also many other locations in Ohio that are covered, as well as most other states. Use the main website to find areas other than what I listed above. This would be great for finding fun kid activities where your planning to vacation too!

If you haven't yet checked this site out, you should. It is a great resource!


  1. Thank you so much for the post! I greatly enjoy seeing all the local bloggers! YAY!

    For our sites, all three of us behind the sites are working to make this a fun resource! There are even some changes coming to the site to make it even easier to see what's going on! I so appreciate the mention. Macaroni Kid is a 'mom' owned, ran business (with some dads as publishers as well) that we all love working on. Hopefully these sites will make traveling easier as well, you can pull up the cities and see what to do, even contact that local site owner if you needed more information.
    I have some fun (helpful) giveaways I am also working on, I hope you will benefit from! is my fun, random blog and is the Mac Kid site I am the publisher of. Also, if you check out the blog on my Mac Kid site there is a list of other places to venture as well!
    Thanks again and anyone feel free chat with me if you have any questions!
    If you see an area that is in need of this resource and know a person there that would like to begin a site, feel free to send 'em my way, I'd be happy to give them the low down.
    Have a great day all, thank you so much!

  2. Wendy,
    Thanks so much for the kind words! So glad you are finding it useful.
    Eric from Macaroni Kid HQ

  3. What a great site, thanks for posting!


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