Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teething: advice on getting through the nighttime pain

Question from a CMOTC mom:

My 7 month old twin boys started teething over the weekend. They are coping well during the day but not at night. I have tried using Orajel along with Gentle Naturals homeopathic teething drops. It seems to help but they need the drops every 2 hours and per the directions I cannot give them more at a time or more frequently. They literally wake up every 2 hours if not more all night long. They are worn out and need some sleep. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any other products that work well? Can anyone tell me how long this lasts? Thanks in advance for any ideas or help!

Advice/experience from CMOTC moms:

I remember never knowing if it was teething or another ear infection in our household. I usually used Motrin before bed at night to get us through the rough spots. I felt like we did this a lot along w/Orajel but some nights it seemed to be the only way to survive.


We used Hyland's teething tablets. If my memory serves me, we would give them 2 tablets and that would suffice for the night.


Hylands Teething Tablets worked really well with my older children. You can get them at health food stores, and also I know Kroger carries them.


My 8 month old is teething too, and this wknd was miserable. We consistently gave her infants ibuprofen every six hours, and it seemed to help. I don't like to give meds to my kids, but I saw it was taking the edge off for her.


I am not a huge fan of medicating, but when it comes to severe pain that interrupts their sleep and therefore their general> demeanor, I do it. Really, they need their sleep (to feel good, fight illnesses and so on) and so do you! When we went through the bad teething times, (not all teething times are bad, so don't worry) I used orajel as the immediate fix (lasts about 30 minutes, about the time it takes for the other meds to kick in) and then gave them motrin, which lasts six hours. If it was really bad for them, we would do that, but also rotate with tylenol. Basically it was orajel at bedtime, along with motrin dose. Then in three hours, tylenol. Then three hours later motrin. Etc. They are different types of medicine and this was recommended to my by the doctor to keep them out of pain and comfortable. Now, if they weren't getting up, I didn't wake them. Typically they would start fussing about that three hour mark, so I was able to get whatever was next in them before the pain got too bad. If they don't do that but wake up in pain and screaming, I would do the orajel along with whatever medicine dose they were due. Typically they didn't wake up in pain before three hours were up. It only lasted a few days usually.


Do you have more advice/experience that worked for your children? Please share!


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