Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gifts for teachers

The school year is ending soon for many of our children. This is also a time that many of us like to give a special gift to those people who played a big part in our child's development. Undoubtedly, it's sometimes hard to come up with gift ideas for teachers, so we have gathered some great ones we have found for you below. Many involve a simple craft from your child, which adds that personal touch.

Here is a list of different ideas for teachers - homemade gifts for teachers. One of my favorites listed here is the fingerprint stationary. How cute! (shown to the right)

In this listing of the best teacher gifts from kids, parents and teachers talk about the gifts that have been favorites. I really like the forget-me-not pots a lot.

Love this gift from the classroom, submitted by a reader, of a personalized flip book with a speical note and artwork from each student. (shown to the left)

How about all of you? Do you have any great ideas for teachers gifts? Or links to more ideas? This includes you teachers out there - what have been your favorite gifts?


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