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Saving Money Via Cloth Diapers

One Member Asked: We'd like to save money in the diaper department. How do we go about using cloth diapers? Where do we start?

Here are the answers we received from fellow members:

We use cloth diapers and have from the start. We use BG AIO 3.0 They are great. We still use disposables when we travel, but 88% of the time, we are cloth. People will scoff at your decision, but it really is a huge financial relief. It is an investment at first (we have 42 diapers), but lots of people got them for us as gifts, so that helps, too.


I cloth diaper my twins. I also did it for cost reasons. I know that the prefolds are the most cost efficient, but it was too many steps for us. What we did was get the One Size Pocket diapers so that we won't need to buy different sizes as the babies grow. At first they are bulky, but the babies aren't mobile at that point anyway. I think most people like snaps better than velcro for several reasons. They look newer longer, and they are harder for babies to take off when they get to the age where they want to be naked.

For what it's worth, I like these brands in the following order:

  1. Blueberry (expensive, but awesome. I got mine during a sale of last years colors/patterns so they were super cheap. Not sure I'd pay full price for them)
  2. Haute Pockets (bulky, but they hold a lot)
  3. Happy Heiney (only liked them once I figured out I needed to add a hemp or bamboo doubler to add more absorbency)
  4. Bum Genius
  5. Fuzzi Bunz


We use cloth and I love it! First do some research and decide what kind of diapers u like- prefolds, all-in-ones, etc. I picked FuzziBunz because a good friend used them and highly recommended them. Plus I liked how they looked. If I had to do it all over again I would pick an AIO. I really like the FuzziBunz but I spend a lot of time assembling them.
Good luck!


Mothering Magazine has a lot of great information on cloth diapering. They're online at I think u can purchase a pamphlet for a couple bucks compiling all their info on diapering.


I would recommend cloth diapers around 3 months. When they are really little, they poop 5-10 times/day. It is just too much work esp. w/ twins.

~~~~~~~~~ has a great comparison/review of cloth diaper brands - check it out here.


I bought a lot of cloth diapering gear before the twins came, but it ultimately didn't work out for us. Here's my advice based on my experience:

1 - make sure your caregiver (if you use one) is willing to use cloth and follow your laundry instructions 
2 - don't pre-buy a bunch of "one-size" diapers (I went with BumGenius) just yet. it will look bulky and ridiculous on a tiny baby. Those can wait until they're 6 months or so. Get something meant for really small babies. Bumgenius has an all-in-one that comes in XS.
3 - if you're open to it, consider ebay and craigslist. I sold mine that way (barely used) and it's a great way to save money
I wanted to do cloth at first too but decided against it after doing research. They are VERY expensive and you have to keep buying larger sizes! It is not like years ago when they were much cheaper than disposables. You also have to figure in the cost of detergent & electricity.
Another factor is TIME. Such a precious commodity when you have twin babies! Here is an example of babies X2... we started out breast feeding, the babies had some trouble since they were preemies, so I had to pump & suplement w/ formula. 16 bottles a day + pump equipment to wash & sterilize! It was NUTS! Most days were so busy that I often didn't get a chance to pump until 6PM!
It was/is often overwhelming. The best advice I could give is to PRIORITIZE and give yourself LOTS of grace! Figure out what is most essential b/c that is about all you'll have time for!
If cost is the major determining factor there are lots of ways to cut costs. I bought in bulk from "" for a while. "" has ways for you to earn credit toward diapers via referrals. Also contact diaper companies for twin deals and free coupons. I've also heard of "". I have found diapers that I love that I can get more cost effectively from Target (their generic brand).
If you go the cloth route, try buying diapers second hand on-line also making your own detergent is very quick, easy & CHEAP!

i am expecting twins in October and cloth diapered my 2 1/2 year old son from 6 months on and plan to do the same with the twins. There are so many options out there it is really hard to say what would be best for you and your family. The most economical way would be to use prefolds which are the kind your grandma used that are rectangular and have a thicker area in the middle and waterproof diaper covers. It's really easy, just fold the prefold into thirds and place it into the cover and then the cover goes on with velcro like a disposable would. You could do that for about $300 birth to potty training for the two of them. Of course there are many many other options out there as well, some that may be easier for you. Check out for info and diaper brand reviews and is an online message board where you can ask question and buy/sell used diapers. I have gotten a lot off of diaper swappers and been very pleased.

Any other advice/experience on the subject? Please let us know!


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