Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Bored...Relieving the Summer Blahs

This is the beginning of what we hope to be a multi-part post regarding the Summer Blahs. If you have kids (and we know you do!) you know what we mean. School is out for just a few days and kids are already stir crazy.

Member Holly Bowman has posted a few ideas to keep those Summer Blahs at bay. If you have a few ideas of your own, we'd love to hear from you.

In our family we spend the weekend on adventures. We pick an activity from some of the choices below and go see what they have to offer. We usually pack a picnic to save money and enjoy finding out more about Ohio. I was asked to post some of the suggestions so here they are. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Factory Tours:
Ohio Festivals:

Buck Creek State Park:
has a large beach, camping and many other activities- it is about 45 minutes west of Columbus off of I-70.

Hocking Hills State Park: In addition to the great trails there is a nice pool there too. I believe it was $12 for 4 of us last year. They have a large section that is only 2-3 foot deep then it gradually gets deeper and then has 2 slides in the deep end. We like to go for a good hike and then spend the afternoon at the pool.

Young's Dairy-
If you go to Buck Creek you must travel the additional 20 minutes to this great ice cream place. In addition to great ice cream you can see them milk the cows whose milk they use for the ice cream and pet goats. They also have many other things to do that are free. They also have putt-putt and some other activities that they charge for. They have to restaurants one is a fast food type in with the ice cream parlor. The other is a sit down family friendly restaurant called the Golden Jersey. They have really good food.

Slate Run Metro Park-
Really any of the Columbus Metro parks are great. They offer lots of activities to do. We have tried several of the things lead by the naturalist and have really enjoyed them.

Wright Patterson Air Force Museum- Dayton.OH
Admission is free. They just ask for a donation at the end. If you can great if not they don't mind.

Disc golf-
There are hundreds of disc golf courses in Ohio and all over the country. My husband has been into disc golf since the 80's when he was stationed in California. We have been taking our boys out with us since they were 2. It is a great way for the family to get some lite exercise and enjoy the outdoors. If anyone has any questions about this sport let me know and my husband will be happy to answer them.


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